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必修2 Module1核心单词拓展单词阅读单词

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必修2 Module1核心单词拓展单词阅读单词
核心单词 n.饮食vi.照医生的规定饮食 adj.健康的;强健的
3.captain n.队长
4.normal adj.正常的;一般的
5.head vi.朝……方向前进
6.eye vt.注视;观看
7.symptom n.症状
8.awful adj.可怕的;吓人的 [语境运用] 用所给词的适当形式填空。
1.I tried the dress on and it fitted(fit) me very well.
2.Fever is one of the symptoms(symptom) of an illness.
3.When word about this got round,people quickly headed(head) for the spot.

4.She's always dieting(diet) but she never seems to lose any weight.


5.When I turned around,I found someone eyeing(eye) me from the shop window.
1.rare adj.稀少的;罕有的→rarely adv.稀少地;极少地→healthy adj.健康的→unhealthy adj.不健康的;有碍健康的
3.wealth n.财富→wealthy adj.富裕的;有钱的
4.anxious adj.焦虑的;不安的;渴望的→anxiously adv.焦虑地;渴望地→anxiety n.焦虑;担心
5.injure vt.伤害→injury n.伤害;损伤;受伤处
6.pain n.疼痛→painful adj.疼痛的
7.breath n.呼吸→breathe vi.呼吸 vt.给……投保→insurance n.保险 [语境运用] 用所给词的适当形式填空。
1.This kind of flower is rare,and rarely do I see it.(rare)
2.A health club is a private club that people go to in order to do exercise,keep healthy and avoid unhealthy diets.(health)
3.My mother always gets a bit anxious if we don't arrive when we say we will.We can even feel her anxiety.(anxious)
4.An injured man was taken to the hospital,where the doctors found he suffered severe injuries to the head and arms and they wondered who had injured him.(injure)
5.He was seized with a painful sickness,and the pain nearly drove him mad.But he took pains to finish his work.(pain)
6.I dream of living in a mountain because the air is fresh and good to breathe.It must be a pleasant thing to take a deep breath there.(breath)
1.fat n.脂肪
2.flu n.流行性感冒
3.toothache n.牙痛
4.proverb n.谚语 n.生活方式
6.overweight adj.超重的 7.lung n.肺
8.throat n.喉咙;咽喉;嗓子
9.pneumonia n.肺炎
10.prescription n.处方
11.X-ray n.X光
12.questionnaire n.问卷调查
1.Understanding these reasons will control our own anger if we are willing to evaluate ourselves with a critical eye.眼光
2.The rescued wood cottages, fitted by hand in the late eighteen hundreds, are an obvious example, but Twitter's designs lie on the extreme end.安装
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